Innovations / Projects

Participating teams will have to come up with an innovative project idea, one page project description, and team membership at the time of registration.

Teams should preferably utilize state-of-art technologies/software to design the innovative product concept.

Projects having potential to benefit local industry/economy will be given special consideration.

Teams will need to submit a complete project report.

Final Reports should be uploaded on the following link:

Panel of Judges will consist of experts from both academia (majority of judges from outside of host institution) and industry. Each team of judges need to have equal number of judges from academia and industry. It will be ensured to have  3 to 4 teams of judges with 4 members in each team – 2 judges from industry and 2 judges from academia in each team.

Top five projects must be reviewed Chair before finalizing the top 3 winners in each category.

Project scoring will have following distribution;
Degree of Innovation (20%)
Potential Impact on local industry and economy (20%)
Readiness for commercialization (prototype, business plan) (50%)
Presentation (10%)